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At Adorn Medical Aesthetics, a med spa in North Andover, we believe there’s nothing more attractive than confidence and self-assurance. That philosophy propels us to offer cutting-edge therapies that make you feel beautiful inside and out. Our expert team, led by Jessica Bragel, is dedicated to nurturing your natural allure, enhancing your confidence, and empowering your spirit. Your journey to timeless beauty begins now.




Meet Our Founder: Jessica

Jessica Bragel, the visionary force behind Adorn Medical Aesthetics, is a certified aesthetic nurse injector with over a decade of experience. With a background in Emergency Medicine, Mental Health, and Medical Aesthetics, Jessica has the skills, training, and expertise to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. She believes in using the latest aesthetic medicine techniques to empower her clients. Jessica’s personalized approach ensures clients feel understood, valued, and supported in their journey to optimal wellness.


Built On Client Trust

& Beautiful Results

Jess Bragel and her accomplished team are renowned for consistently delivering stunning results and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. With a track record of informative and helpful service, it’s no surprise that 100% of her clients have given her rave 5-star reviews for her med spa in North Andover. Jess’s commitment to excellence and her team’s dedication to client care have made them a trusted name in the industry, where the results and customer feedback speak volumes about their expertise.



"ADORN: to make MORE beautiful, to enhance the appearance, to embellish, to beautify."

Laser Treatments

Top-Rated Skin Rejuvenation

Stimulate Collagen and Tighten Your Skin

Morpheus8 Treatment

Morpheus8 is an innovative cosmetic procedure offered at our med spa in North Andover that combines microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) technology to rejuvenate the skin. It creates controlled micro-injuries with tiny needles while delivering RF energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production. This process improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles, and enhances skin firmness. It can be further enhanced by incorporating PRP or PRF for even more remarkable results.



DiamondGlow offers a noninvasive way to revitalize and enhance the skin’s health. It combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion with medical-grade serums to achieve a radiant complexion. The procedure can address various skin concerns, including fine lines, uneven tone, clogged pores, and dryness. We can also elevate the experience with the DiamondGlow Signature Facial and Diamond Glow Deluxe Facial w/ Dermaplane for comprehensive skin rejuvenation.


Acne & Acne Scar

Acne and acne scar treatments are specialized procedures designed to combat skin imperfections resulting from breakouts. Acne is a complex process, and we offer comprehensive, holistic solutions with AviClear, Forever Clear BBL, and DiamondGlow. These treatments, offered at our med spa in North Andover, target the root causes of acne, such as inflammation, excess sebum production, and clogged pores, while stimulating collagen production to heal acne scars.




Yamilex M.

This was my first time getting lip filler and I choose the perfect place to do it. I love my results!! Jess made me feel super comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I explained to her what I wanted and she exceeded my expectations...

Tanya A.

If you’re nervous or it’s your first time getting injections or anything done come to this place! I got eye and lip fillers. Outstanding service! Jess and her team are phenomenal. Incredibly flexible, detail oriented, transparent...

Lindsey C.

Jess is great! I was a little apprehensive about getting lip filler, but she went over everything so thoroughly. She asked tons of questions about what my goals were, and did a fabulous job achieving them...

Bianca B.

I first have to say that I have had my lips done at 5 different places over the last 6 years, but always kept looking for other places because I was never satisfied. After going to Adorn and seeing Jess-my lips have never looked better...

Francesca Z.

I first saw Jess in April after contemplating getting my lips and some Botox done for months. I'm so glad I chose her to do it. Her space is beautiful and clean and she's amazing at what she does...

Danielle C.

I started going to Adorn Medical Aesthetics for lip filler with Jess - she is such a professional and perfectionist, which is exactly what you want when getting this service...




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Your journey to timeless beauty awaits. Adorn Medical Aesthetics offers a sanctuary where your natural beauty is celebrated and elevated. Explore our array of treatments, from powerful cosmetic injectables to cutting-edge lasers and skin rejuvenation techniques, designed to empower your journey to wellness. Embrace your radiant self — book your consultation at our med spa in North Andover today and let us enhance your confidence and beauty.

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